Беглецы 2020 сериал Украина (2020) 1-4 серии

Беглецы 2020 сериал (2020)

Беглецы 2020 сериал Украина (2020) 1-4 серии
Сюжет сериала: Семья Гордеев не испытывает лучших времен: отец Ярослав попал в творческий кризис и решил вдохновить бутылку на дне бутылки, мать Вики целых рабочих дней, и она не для домашних обязательств и проблем мужа И дочь Лиза связалась с Мачоком, чтобы привести к примеру их и подражать in everything. In general, the atmosphere in the family is not pleasant, but it turned out that there were only flowers. On a bench, in which Vika worked, decided to check the shadow agreement, and she was involuntarily experienced. The leadership asked and decided to easily get rid of unnecessary witnesses. In order to avoid the threat suspended in the whole family, it was decided to leave the local city, and then forget God in some gods. In general, it was only necessary to live quietly so as not to realize, but it"s about Gordeev. There were some of them intimate conflicts, so they still decided to unite with residents of oil oil and then with the leadership of the village, who worked closely with mafia. They did not like the authorities conclude their eyes on the fact that the adjacent quarry granite was illegally transformed into a landfill. Now the locals and leadership and mafia are completely completed. Can you defend your right to good luck or run again?

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Режиссер: Андрей Силкин
Актёры: Нина Гогаева, Андрей Саминин, Михаил Плавак, Вероника Лукьяненко, Елена Хохлаткина, Виктор Жданов, Дмитрий Чернов, Сергей Кияшко, Сергей Бережко
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